::Working Technique


According to strength & lasting, we make the suitable different Joints in different places.

::Solid Wood Cracking Problem

According to humidity, solid wood is all the time swelling & shrinking (movement). Nobody can’t fixed and control by glue & screw. That why we solve the cracking problem by using “Allowable System”. Such as, Frame & Floating Panel method, Dove-tail controls Rail and other technique

::Fully Hand Made

All the production steps are by hand. Even free hand drawing, wood cutting, plainng, tennon cut, mortising, sanding finishing and wood curving for some products.


We are taking care to our environment. So that, we use the environmental friendly finishing materials. Stain by wood resin from tree, medium layer by Shellac (Shellac is a natural resin secreted by insects, called Lac bugs, which attach themselves to certain trees in and around northern India.) Top coat by water base Lacquer.